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NCC survey of Ottawa’s Urban Lands


Importance of Natural Areas in my Community

Hey everybody, The National Capital Commission (NCC) is currently looking for comments to “improve the directions of the master plan and better reflect the interests of the public”

Survey ends September 20, 2010.

Until then you can add your input here:



So I bet you’ve been wondering about soybean production in the Ottawa area… perhaps this will help:

Ontario production by county:…/ctysoybeans05.htm

and I just found out that a quarter or more of Ottawa’s local production of food-grade soybeans (approx 100km radius, ontario side — ixnay ebec-quay) is exported to Japan for tofu and other high-protein dishes:…/capital_idea_23.php

( Note: Japan sends back robot chickens:…/video-segas-robot-chicken-storms-japan-250524.php )

Road Rash.


I think I’ve finally found the perfect bike for me and hope to go and
buy it after work. News stories like this don’t have me rushing to
make a purchase: CBC News

A dozen Ottawa Bicycle Club members were cycling down Riverside Drive in June 2004 when a truck drove by the group, slowed
down, then clipped the lead rider.The lead rider suffered two broken ribs and a dislocated shoulder, and four others were injured.

Richard Martin was found guilty in April of dangerous operation of a motor vehicle and for failing to remain at the scene of an accident after five people were injured in a cyclist pileup.

At Wednesday’s sentence hearing, his lawyer, Kimberley Pegg, argued that Martin had “no malevolence” when he sideswiped the cyclist.

During the court case, it came out that the driver, who was with his
son in the car, laughed the whole way home.

Days ago.


[Xavier Rudd] Back to work after a great weekend. Saw some good friends, met some more and enjoyed two free concerts at the tulip festival. Xavier Rudd was on the main stage and on the way out we heard some music coming from some small tent and decided to check it out. Ended up spending the rest of the night dancing with Meneer Van Zanten and their attractive Dutch groupies. Have no clue what half the songs were about but I’ll bet that DaniĆ«lle is about a tall blue-eyed blonde. Oh Dutch rock, how I love thee so. ;) After the dancing, things quickly cooled down so we appropriately ended the night with hot chocolate and Gouda. An interesting start to the festival season here in Ottawa!

Win turn Won darn land


Winter wonderland? Depends on your point of view I suppose. This little traffic mishap had the whole east-bound public transitway on hold for a few hours. Luckily it wasn’t very cold out, so the 2km walk to work was almost enjoyable! Did anyone get a photo of the mass OC Transpo exodus and/or line of busses? Saw many taking pictures with their cell-phones. If you have a picture leave a comment with a link! (Thanks)

Needless to say, got to work almost two hours later than intended. By the time I was done my day’s work, it was well into the evening so I dropped by the Mayor’s Christmas party on the way home. Nice night for it, and there was some cool entertainment. A great event if you have a young family and like getting tons of free stuff.


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