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Food Secure Canada’s Comic Contest


The next generation of Farmville players from across Canada tried their hand at drawing up some cartoons for FSC’s Good Food Hero Comic Contest.   A few of the winning strips have been posted online and the top 30 are going to be published in an upcoming comic book.

Note that FSC’s People Food Policy Project has recently released their Policy documents in good time before the election.  Their “Get Involved” section lists some great actions that almost anyone can take if they wish to participate.  I especially like their How-To for “Asking your federal election candidates a hard-hitting food question” and they have even posted a PDF listing key questions [PDF, 150 KBs].



Orchestras Playing Polkas.


You knew it was only a matter of time before polkas would be back in style. All Killer, No Filler:

Antonin Dvorak > Polka from Czech Suite, Op.39

Johann Strauss II > Neue Pizzicato-Polka Op.449
(dance Carlos Kleiber, dance!)

Lawrence Welk > Richard Maloof plays the “Clarinet Polka” on his tuba.
…Polka is choice but sorry Rich, but maybe tubas will be back in style come 2014…

Data.gov.uk Newspaper


Data.gov.uk Newspaper

Originally uploaded by Tom T

Local Newspaper – a news paper unique to every postal code!

Piano Sonata Mudfest


I wonder who they commissioned to do their soundtrack…

Boo Dog. Yay Chicken!


Looks like all those years of hard work breeding vegan puppies and vegetarian dogs is about to pay off !!! If you would like to purchase one or two puppies from the next litter, just leave your contact information in the comment field and I will get a hold of you.

NOTE: 0.00866 hectares is the approximate ecological footprint of a pet chicken.

(A calculated guess based on the article’s statement that “It takes 43.3 square meters of land to generate 1 kilogram of chicken per year”. Assuming they mean chicken meat and not a healthy, breathing 2kg bones-in pet chicken ecological footprint could be as small as 2lbs * 43.3 square meters per lb = 86.6 square meters = 0.00866 hectares. I’m thinking this guess is low, since chickens have a similar diet to hamsters yet are much larger creatures… they more likely fall somewhere in between hamster and cat on the chart below):


[via NewScientist]

Eat this Not that – David Zinczenko


Photograph of Eat This Not That

Photograph of Eat This Not That

If you’re the type of person who stands in the grocery store with three different bags of chips in hand comparing all of the nutritional information, then this book’s for you.

A very visual book, it’s worth borrowing from a library to pick up the various tips of what to look for when identifying ‘good’ and ‘bad’ ingredients of various processed foods; however, I don’t think it would be worth keeping around as a reference guide.

Also some parts backfire. When reading that the Calories / Sugar of a Sunkist Orange Pop equals that of 17 Chewy Chips Ahoy Cookies I didn’t come to the conclusion that said orange pop was bad. Instead I thought “AWESOME, I can eat 16 Chewy Chips Ahow cookies (even though Mr. Christie now makes them so small they’re barely bite-sized) and it would be less sugar than drinking a gross pop“…

Food Matters: A guide to conscious eating – Mark Bittman.


Food Matters: A Guide to Conscious Eating
This book focuses on how best to navigate current supermarket (& farmer market) choices so that what goes in your mouth is healthy for you and healthier for your environment.

The most interesting take-away so far:

To produce one calorie of corn takes 2.2 calories of fossil fuel. It requires 40 calories to produce one calorie of beef protein.

To give you an idea of how much more energy goes into junk food than comes out, consider that a 12-ounce can of diet soda – containing just one calorie – requires 2,200 calories to produce, about 70 percent of which is in production of the aluminum can.

Yikes! Even removing the packaging from the equation to “level the playing field” still equates to 660 calories to produce one calorie of soda.

NOTE: I didn’t get all the way through this book before it was due back to the lender, so I’ll have to sign up to get my hands on it again!



Thank you for all of the birthday wishes! Delivered in person or in spirit they were all appreciated and made it a good day despite the weather. Thankfully everyone’s keen ordering ability to help put together a great meal and the company, the party and the after party certainly made it a night to remember.

WEETUBE certainly put on a good show. Exhibit A:

Sh!t and Chicks.


A short, simple film showing how this farmer in Northwest Ghana collects food for his chickens.

Starts around the 30 second mark:

[via: geobrief.tv]

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