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Great site, great tunes, great idea:

Digger Dance


Wow, this video really should have some sort of witty Far Side type caption under it like

“The unreheared encore with the paving equipment was Carl’s only mistake.”

Heck No!


It is now a well known fact that robots and the internet are taking over the world. Also, through my research it has become apparent that robots do, in fact, prefer techno to country, bee-bop, and/or punk.

Skuter (a.k.a. Zdravo)


I like my German Polka Rap just as much as the next guy* so I’m happy to hear whenever a new song is released on the international market. Lately, however, “being released on the international market” just means “re-doing everything to make it more sexy“. Who’s job it is to “prepare” a “musician” for the international market? How do I get that job? Looking at the before and after videos it’s easy to follow the thought process of whomever was in charge:

Ok, so vee must take the black shirts off vee vomen, put them in bikini. Zand make the tractors smaller so zey look larger. vee vant the album to zell in americas so let’s add a hummer zand big yello house. Zand add vater!




* (assuming that the next guy doesn’t really like German Polka Rap all that much)

Good Advice, Yellow Suit.


Well, today is the day to act like today is your day, and you will be surprised that it is!

– Apollo Sunshine

love the lyrics, like the song, not sure about the video.

Days ago.


[Xavier Rudd] Back to work after a great weekend. Saw some good friends, met some more and enjoyed two free concerts at the tulip festival. Xavier Rudd was on the main stage and on the way out we heard some music coming from some small tent and decided to check it out. Ended up spending the rest of the night dancing with Meneer Van Zanten and their attractive Dutch groupies. Have no clue what half the songs were about but I’ll bet that Daniëlle is about a tall blue-eyed blonde. Oh Dutch rock, how I love thee so. ;) After the dancing, things quickly cooled down so we appropriately ended the night with hot chocolate and Gouda. An interesting start to the festival season here in Ottawa!

Volga Boatman


I enjoyed a visit to Toronto last weekend, and I’m about to shut my eyes to end yet another great weekend before the busy week ahead. Met up with some good friends Saturday night to visit while we watched some amazing acoustic guitar while Natalia Connor danced some Flamenco. After the performance, the bar TVs came back on playing some random ‘live’ concert. We didn’t really pay attention at first but near the end it caught our attention. It was some wild and crazy stuff, and defiantly not your average pop-mart tour. It was a taping of a stadium show in Helsinki where the Leningrad Cowboys were singing American songs backed up by a huge Russian Army choir. The best song? Definitely their rendition of Sweet Home Alabama mixed in with the Volga Boatman chorus. Almost makes it worth investing in the DVD.

Had the Boatman in my head for a while this afternoon after a refreshing 11km canoe ride down the high spring waters of the torrent hoasic river.

I’m like a jukebox baby…


Yes, it is unfortunate that we can predict what will be ‘popular’ so far in advance, but lately it’s only been a matter of reading the right notes taken by a few wealthy music execs. Allow me to introduce you to some of the music that will saturate the summer airwaves:

Bent Fabric is an 81 year old musician who won a grammy back in the sixties. I’m not certain if his latest album is out yet in Canada or the US, but you’re sure to hear the first single, jukebox, on the radio shortly.

What does it sound like? Imagine Elvis having a little less conversation with Fatboy Slim in a jazz club. That’s pretty much it with one exception: “Keep on Rising” is a carbon copy of Fatboy Slim’s “Praise You”

Apart from Jukebox, the second track that’s sure to get a bit of airplay is “Haven’t You Noticed” with vocals by Liv Lykke who is Hillary Duff’s Scandinavian twin sister.

I’m not saying it’s good or bad, all I know is that it’s classier than Eminem:

Hum, was about to post a link to a lyric page like I did for my last post, but I couldn’t find one at all. Google has failed me. Humph. Perhaps it’s because there are only four lines.

I’m like a jukebox baby
and i know you’ll be following me
you’re gonna raise your hands and go crazy
yeah i know you’ll be following me
just keep your ear to the ground
and keep you ear to the ground
just keep your ear to the ground
and keep your ear to the ground



Everything good has been happening at once. The video you are watching has been brought to you through a strange chain of events involving desire, Stars, Zombies, a guy from South Porcupine, Fire Trucks, Friends, Money Mart, a princess, poutine, optimism, Zaphods, lip balm, carpooling and the letter zed.

p.s. Canada spoils me rotten! (Thank you 1867)

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