The infographic below on seed variety is quite interesting. The image is originally from National Geographic Magazine; however, I stumbled upon it via Paul Kedrosky’s blog… reading through the related comments on his blog, I can’t tell which I like better.

This one from Levi:

I’ll bet a lot of those lost varieties have very poor yields compared to the ones that are still in use. I’ll bet a few of the lost varieties also had resistance to an as yet unencountered pathogen.

But which farmer is going to take the financial hit to plant the lower yield variety?

Which bank CEO is not going to issue subprime mortgages when their competitors are all doing it and yielding higher quarterly earnings?

Efficiency/Fragility vs Inefficiency/Robustness recurs again.

or this one from @SgtPiddles:

Mo’ monoculture, mo’ problems

Seed Variety Infographic from National Geographic