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Great Glebe Garage Sale 2011 – Ottawa Celebrity Farmer


A quick interview with one of Ottawa’s Celebrity Farmers — Mr. Paul Slomp. You can learn more about his farm (and more importantly his farming practices) at

Book: Terra Madre


After reading the English translation of Terra Madre by Carlo Petrini, I wonder how our City would change if our farmers and our policy makers made it a priority to participate at the next Terra Madre World Meeting.

The Value and Price of Food is a short yet interesting chapter – well worth reading over once or twice.

According to the FAO, enough food is produced in the world for 12 billion people, but the population ( at the time of the report ) is just under 7 billion. – Report of Jean Ziegler, special reporter on the right to food, January 10 2008, A/HRC/7/5M

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