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Oil production pic


There’s a neat data blog over at the guardian with an interesting infographic of two contrasting views of global oil production…


Piano Sonata Mudfest


I wonder who they commissioned to do their soundtrack…

Boo Dog. Yay Chicken!


Looks like all those years of hard work breeding vegan puppies and vegetarian dogs is about to pay off !!! If you would like to purchase one or two puppies from the next litter, just leave your contact information in the comment field and I will get a hold of you.

NOTE: 0.00866 hectares is the approximate ecological footprint of a pet chicken.

(A calculated guess based on the article’s statement that “It takes 43.3 square meters of land to generate 1 kilogram of chicken per year”. Assuming they mean chicken meat and not a healthy, breathing 2kg bones-in pet chicken ecological footprint could be as small as 2lbs * 43.3 square meters per lb = 86.6 square meters = 0.00866 hectares. I’m thinking this guess is low, since chickens have a similar diet to hamsters yet are much larger creatures… they more likely fall somewhere in between hamster and cat on the chart below):


[via NewScientist]

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