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Wolfe Grove Spring Walk – Almonte, Ontario


Yesterday I finally made it to one of Martha’s Edible Wild tours. We spent 6 hours walking through the bush learning of (and sampling) edible plants which grow in Eastern Ontario and Western Quebec.

Martha is in her mid Eighties and I learned SOOO much I can’t list it all here; however, here are some of my favorites which she pointed out to us in the bush:

Crinkleroot: Wild horseradish
Indian Potato: About the size of a thimble, tastes a bit like a starchy raw pea.
Yellow Birch: Buds, sap and young branches have a wintergreen flavour.
Garlic Mustard: Leafs are great for salads.
Wild Ginger: Um, wild Ginger. Strong. (Only eat the root, not the leaves)


Crinkleroot (dark strawberry-like leaves) and Leeks (tall tulip-like leaves):
UPDATE — as the plant matures the leaves turn pale green and grow
to be quite a bit larger than strawberry leaves.


Yellow Birch (they grow best in dead stumps of other trees):

Indian Potato:

Martha shows us an Indian Potato (right-click on the box below and choose “play” to see the low quality flash video):
Link to video here.

Local Lasagna – Ottawa, ON


This was made and consumed a few weeks ago. Ingredients we used were sourced as local as possible. Si came over and helped make the pasta a few days before. Pasta Dough: Local flour from Mountain Path Organics, local eggs (Spencerville), and some dried basil from a friend’s garden (last year’s harvest).

Here’s the end result:

Layer 1: Pasta
Layer 2: Sauce

  • Local Beef (Greencrest Farm)
  • Tomato Sauce (product of Ontario and not likely local)
  • Mushrooms (continental)

Layer 3: Pasta


Layer 4: Cottage Cheese (product of Ontario, likely Winchester)
Layer 5: Spinach (Quebec)
Layer 6: Alfalfa Sprouts (grown locally from seed)
Layer 7: More Pasta


Layer 8: More Sauce

Layer 9: Cheese! (St. Albert)

Lasagna was very good but the sprouts didn’t hold up well to the cooking or re-heating. Next time I should likely hold off on the sprouts. Lots of left over pasta too, so it wouldn’t have hurt to have used a deeper pan and piled on a few more layers!

A delicious first attempt = success.



Thank you for all of the birthday wishes! Delivered in person or in spirit they were all appreciated and made it a good day despite the weather. Thankfully everyone’s keen ordering ability to help put together a great meal and the company, the party and the after party certainly made it a night to remember.

WEETUBE certainly put on a good show. Exhibit A:

Songs that make you feel better.


Great site, great tunes, great idea:

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