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Food Pairing Diagrams


Here are some interesting flavour combinations :

Food Paring

[note: basil goes with just about everything]

Wow, that was easy!


I finally got around to setting up wordpress on my own server. C’ya blogspot, C’ya Google… Sucks to your assmar, You’re on your own!

Sure, it’s not going to be that difficult for google to continue to track my every move — this is a public blog after all — however, at least now it’s possible for me to back-up, save and customize my site.

So that’s it. I’m on my own for blogging. Bye Bye love…

Scientists create ‘fearless’ mouse


By tweaking genes to disable certain functions of the olfactory bulb — the area of the brain that receives information about smells directly from olfactory receptors in the nose — the researchers at the University of Tokyo were able to create a “fearless” mouse that does not try to flee when it smells cats, foxes and other predators.

My question is this:

Could a similar technique be used to prevent the administration of the United States of America from attacking when they smell oil?

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