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An apple a day…


I’ve often been annoyed that almost every package of food in the grocery store has a “Nutritional Facts” label; however, there’s not one single drop of Nutritional information in the produce aisle. I certainly do not want every single apple to be packaged in a box or bag just so I can see the little Nutritional Facts table, but adding a little sign by the apples would be a nice touch.

In my quest to see how healthy today’s lunch is, I came across the coolest site that shows all sorts of info about the food you eat with really neat graphics that do a great job at communicating the Nutritional Facts visually. Here’s the low-down on an average Apple — .

Learning about explosives is O.K. … in the USA


I wonder how the exact same story would have been written up by the New York Times, had it been a camp for college-aged kids in Iraq?



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