So it’s my first Halloween in a new neighbourhood. A good number of “older” kids (look like they’re around 13-18ish) are collecting their annual pixie stick supply in pillow sacks and garbage bags and it occurs to me that these kids are going to remember how generous (or greedy) I am with my candy rations. Sort of reminds me of Jr Mafioso. All these folks trying their best to look scary, knocking at the door, demanding free treats so my house doesn’t get egged (or worse)…. So the next group of older kids come to my house, bang on the door and I give them a good handful of “the good stuff” (chocolate bars and rockets). They were shocked! First house they’d been to all night that gave them more than a couple things or had shafted them for being “too old”.

Now I’m thinking to myself, geeze, I’ve got it good. A little investment in the candy department goes a LONG way when it comes to staying in the good books of the local troublemakers! I just hope that some of my generosity lands in the bags of the same kids who are stabbing people on my bus! I’ll give out a couple extra Snickers if it’ll save some of my ‘hood from a shiv in the back!