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Understanding America.


Wow. Here it is. Pages upon pages of high quality infographics for all of you voyeuristic Canadians! Poking our nose over the border to watch all those Yankees is somewhat of a national sport… Watching their newsfeeds, reading their magazines and following their gossip. I’m still not quite sure if it’s an attempt to figure them out or to fodder our distain. ;)

Although it’s a bit out of date, Richard Saul Wurman’s UNDERSTANDING paints an incredible picture of American statistics. Everything from population to war to the federal debt.

I strongly suggest you download & explore the flawless PDFs.

Hello Carl.


Today someone sat beside me in public and was just about to start up a conversation with me until I looked them in the eyes and they stopped abruptly and apologized. “Sorry, though you were someone else” they said, “you look like my friend Carl”.

See, the weird thing is that this is the third time that someone has mistaken me for Carl. Once in Waterloo, once in Toronto and then just today in Ottawa. The next time I’m mistaken for this guy I will make an attempt to find out a bit more about Carl.

It would be appreciated if everyone reading this would keep a look-out for a JGarlough look-a-like who answers to the name “Carl”. I ran my mugshot through a face recognition program to give you a better idea of some of the facial features that Carl and I share with some other well-known characters…

…look for a mix between George Michael, Ted Bundy, David Schwimmer and Nina Persson. Think “Faithful serial killing sitcom lovefool. WHAM!!”

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