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Road Rash.


I think I’ve finally found the perfect bike for me and hope to go and
buy it after work. News stories like this don’t have me rushing to
make a purchase: CBC News

A dozen Ottawa Bicycle Club members were cycling down Riverside Drive in June 2004 when a truck drove by the group, slowed
down, then clipped the lead rider.The lead rider suffered two broken ribs and a dislocated shoulder, and four others were injured.

Richard Martin was found guilty in April of dangerous operation of a motor vehicle and for failing to remain at the scene of an accident after five people were injured in a cyclist pileup.

At Wednesday’s sentence hearing, his lawyer, Kimberley Pegg, argued that Martin had “no malevolence” when he sideswiped the cyclist.

During the court case, it came out that the driver, who was with his
son in the car, laughed the whole way home.

Good Advice, Yellow Suit.


Well, today is the day to act like today is your day, and you will be surprised that it is!

– Apollo Sunshine

love the lyrics, like the song, not sure about the video.

Two "firsts" tonight.


First BBQ of the season and first mosquito of the season. I quickly remembered why I love the grill (and why I loath parasites).

I can remember the days in my Chesterville apartment where I would could cook as much I could (of every meal) on the BBQ. Went right through the winter some years too… mmmm, BBQ everything (except pasta and scones of course). Last year’s favorite was Kabobs, and I’m predicting they’ll be up there on my list of favorite BBQ food again this year as I perfect the best Kabob food combination: pepper, backbacon, onion, beef, onion, backbacon, pepper, ham, ‘shroom, beef, ‘shroom, ham, repeat.

Hello Labanda!


I often admire Jordi Labanda‘s lifestyle illustrations when I stumble upon them on the ‘net or at a book store. It wasn’t until today, however, that I discovered his new clothing line has turned a few imaginative drawings into women’s wear. Some of the outfits are a bit strange, but I certainly do NOT have anything negative to say about the 2006 beachwear… !

Red Hot


Red and Blue
Originally uploaded by Tzatziki.

I am red.

I want a woman who is blue.

She’s convinced she must find someone blue.

So I paint myself blue.

We get along great!

(I’m such a refreshing change from all the blues she’s dated)

What happens when the paint wears off?

Spent yesterday evening with some very cool friends and had some great conversation at their posh downtown flat. The above is an elaboration of Joe’s great analogy. To give it some context we were not discussing race, rather attitude, behaviour and grey hair.

May 18th


Apparently today is the best day to change your life. Perhaps it is true! My day was spent participating in a planning and performance symposium (which is certain to propagate positive change within my organization [and along with it, my career]). That looks after changing the “Job” part of my life. Perhaps the trend will continue and some of the many other intricacies of life will sort themselves out in the next few days as I spend the long weekend with friends and family.

Days ago.


[Xavier Rudd] Back to work after a great weekend. Saw some good friends, met some more and enjoyed two free concerts at the tulip festival. Xavier Rudd was on the main stage and on the way out we heard some music coming from some small tent and decided to check it out. Ended up spending the rest of the night dancing with Meneer Van Zanten and their attractive Dutch groupies. Have no clue what half the songs were about but I’ll bet that DaniĆ«lle is about a tall blue-eyed blonde. Oh Dutch rock, how I love thee so. ;) After the dancing, things quickly cooled down so we appropriately ended the night with hot chocolate and Gouda. An interesting start to the festival season here in Ottawa!

Bashing and Biking


It bothers me that sometimes my dry sarcasm is wrongly interpreted as an atempt to cast aspersions, rather than a failed attempt at humor. Note to self: Stop attempting humor.

The past few weeks have been going great although bike shopping will come to an end as soon as I close a deal on a hybrid. frown (test driving was so much fun)

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