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I’m like a jukebox baby…


Yes, it is unfortunate that we can predict what will be ‘popular’ so far in advance, but lately it’s only been a matter of reading the right notes taken by a few wealthy music execs. Allow me to introduce you to some of the music that will saturate the summer airwaves:

Bent Fabric is an 81 year old musician who won a grammy back in the sixties. I’m not certain if his latest album is out yet in Canada or the US, but you’re sure to hear the first single, jukebox, on the radio shortly.

What does it sound like? Imagine Elvis having a little less conversation with Fatboy Slim in a jazz club. That’s pretty much it with one exception: “Keep on Rising” is a carbon copy of Fatboy Slim’s “Praise You”

Apart from Jukebox, the second track that’s sure to get a bit of airplay is “Haven’t You Noticed” with vocals by Liv Lykke who is Hillary Duff’s Scandinavian twin sister.

I’m not saying it’s good or bad, all I know is that it’s classier than Eminem:

Hum, was about to post a link to a lyric page like I did for my last post, but I couldn’t find one at all. Google has failed me. Humph. Perhaps it’s because there are only four lines.

I’m like a jukebox baby
and i know you’ll be following me
you’re gonna raise your hands and go crazy
yeah i know you’ll be following me
just keep your ear to the ground
and keep you ear to the ground
just keep your ear to the ground
and keep your ear to the ground

Boston Common People


So for the past few days I have had Pulp’s Common People song stuck in my head… (and by ‘few days’ I mean since my drive home Sunday evening when I paid close attention to the lyrics in the car [and I was doing so as it has previously been brought to my attention that I do not pay close enough attention to lyrics]).

For the past few days I have been excited about FINALLY finishing my film so that I could get my pictures back from a trip to Boston. Here are two of my favorites, taken two blocks south of the Boston Commons:



This guy had on one fine fur coat that he had purchased it in NYC. I Thought he was part of the protest at first, but he and his friends were just hanging around the corner… they didn’t even realize there was a protest going on. I convinced his buddies to take our picture with the fur protest ladies. The guy who took the picture (white shirt, first picture) and the rest of his friends could NOT stop laughing.

Credit goes out to the woman holding the “everyone is ugly in fur” sign — she was clearly uneasy as the group of us approached her but smiled when I asked if we could take a picture with her.

How to be an expert


After watching a few open stages and jazz gigs here in the city, I decided to start playing again. Thought my skills would be rusty and, well, after a few hours of practicing I decided that with a strict rehearsal regimen every second night and most weekends I can work my way up to “rusty skills” in a month… or two. :)So you can understand why I found the above chart pretty funny when I stumbled across it earlier this evening.

Most of us want to practice the things we’re already good at, and avoid the things we suck at. We stay average or intermediate amateurs forever.

Heh. Amateur. Read more about [Your] New Brain.



My good friend Lydia has jumped a jet and is off on some adventure with no forwarding address. She did promise me a postcard which inspired me to create this.

Looking for Leonard


Before turning in for the night, I watched Looking for Leonard. Was hooked after the first ½ hour since there were too many similarities between the film and my latest relationship. The fact that it was filmed in Montreal help retain my attention too, although I didn’t recognize many of the extras.

All in all it was a pleasant way to end the evening after a busy day.

Favorite parts:

  1. “you work in computers? I hate computers!”
  2. “Was that from the Bible?”
  3. “Good people wonder if they’re bad, bad people know they’re good”
  4. camera framing on the last kitchen table scenes {l to r: half of a person, table, half of a person}

Soya want a better car?


Heh heh heh, I had to post this after I watched the video — hopefully CBS will keep the video link up for a while. Here’s the deal: Some highschool kids from Philadelphia have built sports car that runs on soybean bio-diesel. Zero to 60mph in 4 seconds is p r e t t y good! Considering that these students “weren’t exactly the cream of the academic crop” this story has raised some interesting questions along the lines of “why the h*.* haven’t the big auto companies done anything like this yet?”.

One of the students who helped build the car addressed that question (a CLASSIC quote if you can see the video):

Kosi thinks he knows why. The answer, he says, is the big oil companies.
“They’re making billions upon billions of dollars,” he says. “And when this car sells, that’ll go down — to low billions upon billions.”


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