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Fur on Men and Women.


Taking the bus during rush hour today, there was a huge hooded puffy
quilt of a dozen dead raccoons being worn by someone who was blocking
the doors. It was only after I said “excuse me please, Miss” that I
realized it was on the shoulders of a 40 something business executive
who was obviously upset that I mistook his expensive status symbol for
something that you’d find in the woman’s aisle at The Bay. I was glad
that I was wearing my suit and a stern look because he was just about
ready to take a swing at me when he turned around to correct me & let
me off the bus.

That’s it! I have had it with men wearing big fur coats and I have
now declared it a fashion faux-pas. If you are a guy and want to wear
fur, that’s fine with me, go ahead… just let it be known that 1)it
is no longer fashionable and 2)you have no right to be upset should
someone with my set of “pre-conceived notions” happens to mistake you
for a woman. Perhaps I’m way off on this issue, perhaps I’ve lead a
sheltered life in some far-off place where women wear big fur coats
and the men wear whatever else they could find around the house to
keep them warm — anything other than fur, of course. Feel free to
correct me with your comments below.

"The Commons of Sense"


I’ve interrupted my regularly scheduled program (A.K.A. sleep) to finish up an interesting report for D.I.A.M.O.N.D.S.

It has to do with moving a municipality to actually act on its goals for “sustainability”. So I’m thinking to myself… wondering what would be a good name for the community’s Sustainable Development Advisory Committee. For some strange reason (probably something to do with lack of sleep or missing my evening snack) I think “The Commons of Sense” would be a GREAT name.

hahaha. I am certain that my mind will change when I re-read this post at 8am tomorrow; however, for the time being I think TCoS is just a grand idea. It incorporates the whole commonality/commoners/equality idea with “common sense”. Hum… under “commons” the dictionary spits out “The legal right of a person to use the lands or waters of another”. Yeah, I like it. The Commons of Sense!

They could be a diverse multi-stakeholder committee who would report to the municipal government on issues of sustainability. Report #1 from The Commons of Sense may be something like “If your township’s economy is structured such that it may crumble if your residents & business spend all of their money outside of the township, then perhaps it may not be a good idea to continuously spend your taxpayer’s money promoting your township’s proximity to large urban centers where your residents & businesses can go to spend all of their money.”

What is your dangerous idea?


Each year The Edge (a non-profit think tank) comes up with a question
to ask their group of thinkers.  It’s pretty interesting to hear the
diverse responses when you ask a group of 117 intellects what is their
most dangerous idea!


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