Ok, the this blog is not looking very good any more, but I can still post… meh. Lots has been going on lately: I’ve moved, started a fantastic new job and am anxious to start 2006!

I have to admit that the Eastern Standard is quickly becoming my foe. On the way home from work today I’ve realized that it has been more than two weeks since I have been at home during daylight hours!!! I wake up at dawn, go to work, return home at dusk and the past few weekends have been spent out of town (leaving after dark on Fri, returning Sunday night). In fact, my whole move (from pinetrail to this new place) has happened in the dark after work and on Sunday evenings. [Note: a huge thanks to my brother, my friend Andy and my roommates for helping me move during those late nights]

Saturday I look forward to spending a full SUN-LIT Day at my new home to unpack!

In other news:

Congratulations to Petri and Justyna! The wedding was great and I had a great time seeing everyone at the reception. I hope everyone made it home safely!