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Maybe there is a point to all this…


As much fun as it is to speak your mind or defend your point of view, I sometimes wonder if it’s worth the research to form an educated argument when responding to some of the online forums and blogs that I read.

One of my more recent posts to an online thread had to do with a new television commercial that some people are upset about… I found out what I could about the commercial and I said what I felt to be true. Little did I realize that my comments would be quoted in the editorial of yesterday’s paper! Now that I’ve had my 15 minutes I suppose I can move on with my life.

Ready? Set? Go.

Still working on "the best post". I need more time (?)


Two weeks have passed. It seems as though I have been so busy doing things that I haven’t got anything done. How can this be?

Since Last Post:
Highland Games & Dance
Tubie Race & Dance
Dairyfest & Dance
Kemptville Park Concert & Observatory
Grandmother’s 90th Birthday Party
Fireworks (Sound of Light shows)
Baseball Tournament
BBQ x 3

Before Next Post:
Renegades Football Game
1000 Island Boat Cruise
Camping in Gananoque
Navan Fair & Dance
BBQ x 2

I guess I’ve managed to get some things done…
work/committee meetings/read/sleep/eat/commute

Hum. This post sucks. Let’s add some pictures. Find Waldo.

Sea of Cars
Sea of Cars.

Sea of Pipers
Sea of Pipers.

Sea of Tubies
Sea of Tubies.

Sea of  People
Sea of People.

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