The good news is that I found a job that was secure with great benefits and enough pay to support 1.5 wives and a summer home by the lake. The bad news is that I just couldn’t bring myself to do it. i suck and i hate it.

Hello Jim,

Yes, I did leave a message with Rob in Montreal to inform him that I was working on a marketing contract until the first of July and I asked him to follow-up sometime this week if your company was still looking for a sales rep for the Cornwall <-> Brockville territory.

I have since been looking over your product lines to familiarize myself with their benefits. During the interview it was great to hear how much S_____ I____ has been doing for the environment (ISO 14001 and progressive R&D); however, after reading about some of the products that I perceived to be more “natural” (Orange Action, for example) I was surprised to see that it contained known carcinogens. I do not feel comfortable with the fact that increasing my paycheck means promoting the use of such chemicals in my community. If you were offering me a job to sell only your “Eco” product line I would be ready to start tomorrow.

Best Regards,
Jason Garlough.