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Everything good has been happening at once. The video you are watching has been brought to you through a strange chain of events involving desire, Stars, Zombies, a guy from South Porcupine, Fire Trucks, Friends, Money Mart, a princess, poutine, optimism, Zaphods, lip balm, carpooling and the letter zed.

p.s. Canada spoils me rotten! (Thank you 1867)

Money vs. Morals


The good news is that I found a job that was secure with great benefits and enough pay to support 1.5 wives and a summer home by the lake. The bad news is that I just couldn’t bring myself to do it. i suck and i hate it.

Hello Jim,

Yes, I did leave a message with Rob in Montreal to inform him that I was working on a marketing contract until the first of July and I asked him to follow-up sometime this week if your company was still looking for a sales rep for the Cornwall <-> Brockville territory.

I have since been looking over your product lines to familiarize myself with their benefits. During the interview it was great to hear how much S_____ I____ has been doing for the environment (ISO 14001 and progressive R&D); however, after reading about some of the products that I perceived to be more “natural” (Orange Action, for example) I was surprised to see that it contained known carcinogens. I do not feel comfortable with the fact that increasing my paycheck means promoting the use of such chemicals in my community. If you were offering me a job to sell only your “Eco” product line I would be ready to start tomorrow.

Best Regards,
Jason Garlough.



Ecocité Lofts, Ottawa


Ecocit? Should a career land me in this city for two years or more, I’ve been looking around the city for a cool loft. My search has ended at Ecocité. My loft doesn’t have a canal view (all of those are already reserved), but my balcony does have a clear view of the football field. I suppose going green does have its benefits. :)

Big Soul.


I will not complain about the heat this past weekend. The hot weather isn’t going anywhere for a while, must adjust wardrobe accordingly. Weekend update:

Big birthday party this weekend for my Father’s 60th. To everyone who sent their good wishes, and to those who were able to join us for the celebration: Thank you! I still can’t believe that there were enough people to eat that huge cake… at first, I seriously thought that Mom & Dad would be eating left-over cake for the next few months.

Newsflash: The Big Soul Project (Ottawa’s 50-member community gospel choir) puts on a GREAT live show. In fact, of the last three concerts I’ve attended (1 rock, 1 pop and this BSP show) the most enjoyable, by far, was hearing The Big Soul Project. Apparently they put on a show once every few months, so if you’re lucky enough to be in the city when a gig is going down don’t hesitate to attend.

Trés Secure


What is the point of wasting time with credit card signatures if no one takes the time to check them anymore? The slip on the right was signed “I stole this card“, and resulted in a successful transaction.

Lancaster Perch Rolls


Lancaster Perch Rolls

darwin's nightmare
One day after watching a great documentary about the effects of globalization on Tanzania’s economy [Darwin’s Nightmare], I sat down at a river-side restaurant and was offered a dish of locally fished Lancaster Perch. Here is the story:

Yesterday’s activities have led me to believe that Cornwall’s people and governance lack common sense. (I somehow ended up in that town after a day of traveling around South Dundas and was determined to enjoy my evening and take full advantage of the clear sky and warm air). I did my best to cast aside my aversion towards the town since I can’t really say that I’ve had a bad time in Cornwall (no really great times either – just a few average nights out with friends – complete with conversations that degrade my view of Cornwall and its population).

With my jaded perception of the place aside, I decided that the weather and geography were perfect for spending an evening on a patio along the river. I could not think of anywhere that I have traveled (outside of Ontario, that is) that did not have restaurants or patios along their waterfront. It wasn’t until we drove along inspecting every square foot of waterfront that I was willing to accept that there were no patios or restaurants along the waterfront in Cornwall. What kind of city planning is that?

Determined that there must be some intelligent entrepreneurs that have had the same brainwave as me, we continued our trip along the waterfront determined to find a patio along the water. A few minutes later we ended up in Summerstown and found not one, but THREE restaurants with huge patios along the river. What’s more is that food was amazing! Had my first Lancaster Perch Roll and it certainly won’t be my last. The restaurants all buy from local anglers, smother the meat in a delicious sauce and serve it on a bun. I would feel a bit guilty eating them every day, but don’t see why they can’t be a tasty treat from time to time.

Lunacy or Luxury?


Biking home from the park after enjoying the beautiful weather, I was ready to bring out my sleeping bag and sleep on the back porch. Worried that the neighbours might think I was crazy and/or dead, I briefly thought “hey, what about sleeping in the garden shed? I’m as tough as Bubbles.” I soon realized that it would be better to just hold out and wait for a nice weekend and go camping. Then, looking at a few sustainable housing websites, I stumbled upon TomaHouse. Has to be one of the best mobile homes I’ve ever seen. Anyone interested in a 50-50 time share? $50,000 each will score us the house. I’m doubting that it could handle our winters so every spring would probably be “cottage set-up” instead of “cottage clean-up”.

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