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Sunset Stroll


Had a great time touring around the downtown core with a friend last night… *almost* spent some more time at the tulip festival, but was quickly repelled by one Mr. Shawn Desman. A good thing too, since the new alcoves, paths and views that we discovered on the pursuant stroll gave me a better appreciation for the city that I currently call home.

Oh Joy, Ren!


Today (and each day here-after) is going to be a great day! My optimism has grown exponentially and I’m looking forward to a great summer. Mind you, I suppose finding gainful employment would not hurt; however, all of the job opportunities that I’m hoping to get are really quite interesting and I’d be happy doing any one of them.

Yes, even the company I spoke of below is not all that bad. I certainly don’t approve of their interview tactics and I did a bit of independent research on their brand. What I have found is that they are quite concerned with the chemicals in their products and they are doing a great deal of research to replace the harmful chemicals with natural, non-carcinogenic alternatives. (you still have to wonder why they didn’t do that in the FIRST place, although I worry it has to do something with people like me and conversations like: “WOW, this bug spray is only $1.99?!?! At this price, I might as well buy TWICE as much as I need!”)

LOL. You know, I have never liked being part of the problem but I love being part of the solution!

{crazy non-topical link of the day: Tourist Photos}

Job Interviews


Time to find myself a career and start doing our economy some good. I have been very selective of who gets ahold of my resume… Luckily, response rate has been very high, so I certainly do not feel guilty for refusing to hand it out to every Tom, Dick and Harriet.

One interview, however, had a great deal of potential until I lost a large amount of respect for their organization when the SECOND question was “What type of car do you drive?”. Ugh! What motivation do I have to work for a company where my vehicle make & model is the second piece of information they use to better understand who I am?

I understand that they need to find out if I can handle the travel that is involved. Some companies even offer company cars or new cars to motivate new employees but this was not one of them. They just wanted to ensure that the material goods I possess are up to par with company standards.

That being said, I do understand the “interview process” and the importance of starting it off with a few easy questions so that the applicant will relax and begin to show his or her true colours. However, couldn’t they figure out a better way to word it? Perhaps something like:

“There will be a lot of travel involved with this position. Do you have access to a vehicle?”
“Many of our customers are shallow and materialistic so we don’t want you pulling up to their offices in a junker. Do you have enough money in the bank to buy yourself a car that we feel is suitable?”

Heh heh heh… :) All in all, the interview went pretty well — my only hope is that I can find and employer who is more impressed with the work I’m doing for the community than with my preferred pollution producer. That was not the case today. :(

Mullets, Chicks and Rock & Roll.


Do you ever have those days when you’re going about your business and the Internet just throws something at you that you never thought you’d see? For me, today was one of those days.

Working on a project, I was searching the ‘net for a “red apple” image. The searched hit on “Candy Apple Red Fender Esquire $550”. I thought that Esquire might be interested in it, so I clicked through and was introduced to KressAmps. My first thought was that this guy had his girlfriend pose with the guitar so he’d get more hits on eBay or something… Once I realized there were a few different women posing with the amps and guitars I couldn’t stop laughing since all I could picture is the instant when the business owner came up with the notion:

“Dude! We should, like, get some bodalicious bikini babes to like pose with our drums and amps and sh!t.”
“That’d be totally wicked!”
“Dude, Awesome!”

How do I know that’s how it went down? Well, see for yourself. Allow me to introduce Paul. Owner of KressAmps in Columbus, Ohio.

No Kitty, this is MY pot-pie!


cartman cake

The image you see above is not the project I spoke of in my previous post… It is something all together different. A few days ago I was at home visiting my family and mom was about to discard a perfectly good cake because it wasn’t exactly how she wanted it. [She was attempting a panda bear cake but it was ‘birthed’ from the pan without a nose] The rest of it was ok, so I grabbed her cake decorating gear when she was away at work and turned the reject cake into a reject cartoon character. I’m not sure if a Church bake sale is the right place for Eric Cartman; however, it was a hit with the kids and much more popular than the mini-mouse or barbi-doll cakes. Eric Cartman was raffled off during the church’s cake walk, and the girl who won Eric was pretty happy about it [pic].

This whole episode made me aware of two things:
1) I really haven’t seen much of South Park since the first (and early second) season.
2) Do many parents realize what’s in the programs their kids watch? My mother was upset when I suggested she turn the nose-less panda cake into a Ninja Panda Bear, yet she was impressed when she returned home to find Cartman sitting on the table. Moreover, many of the church ladies thought the cake was a great addition to the bake sale… …I thought so too until about five seconds ago when I looked up THIS website to verify I had the quote right for the title. Yikes, what has been going on in the 3rd,4th & 5th seasons of South Park? Thank God my cake can’t talk.

In Design.


Upon graduation, I’ve found myself with a bit more extra time on my hands and have turned a few free hours towards industrial design (ID). My current project involves two different mediums and a bit of science. (I’ll post some pictures when it’s done).

There is a lot of stuff out there when it comes to design – some cool, some not – and lucky for you, I’ve taken the time to figure out what’s cool to save you the trouble of having to figure it all out yourself. ;) [Should you agree or disagree, your comments are always encouraged]

B of the Bang” is a huge spiky landmark that is over 60 feet tall (as high as the Leaning Tower of Pisa, but with 10 times the lean) in Manchester, England. [more pics]

Ears have a lot of different ways to get sound into them these days, and the Mica player is a rather stylish alternative. Since its soul purpose is music, I find it interesting how it simply ‘becomes’ the two earphones.

My sewing machine is cooler than your laptop.

Asparagus is cool. Has nothing to do with this current subject, but I’ve used it to ‘design’ some pretty cool dishes in the past and there are just so many tasty things it can make. This Asparagus Cannelloni looks SO good. In fact, I can not believe all the different asparagus recipes out there… …even stuff that must have been created by Homer Simpson: asparagus wrapped in ham.

There are many unique building projects that are currently on the go that are quite interesting:The Tower of Dubai, The Turning Tower in Sweden. Of course you don’t want to be cooped up in a condo all week, so why not rent the man-made island of Canada for a week-end?

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