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i’m just so bored of wasting my time


Short procrastination before I eat supper and get back to work…
Music: My mood today has me listening to the latest album from The Stills. Apparently, they’re working on a new album in the next city over. For now, Track 4 on Logic Will Break Your Heart will do just fine…
Work: Nothing like spending a holiday working. I suppose it’s an easier sacrifice as a bachelor, and I really can’t complain since I know enough not to let work interrupt Easter dinner tomorrow.
Food: thawed out one HUGE breast from last year’s brood (a.k.a. the Garlough Chicken Herd). Must have been Steffie or I who plucked it… …we’ll have to improve next year. Craving honey-garlic chicken, I was disappointed to find both the cupboard and fridge empty of any type of hg topping! Aaaaaaaaaarrrrrgh. After half an hour of disappointment, I realized that I could probably just mix some honey and garlic together. Doh! 3 hours of slow-roasting and the chicken is just about ready. I’ve already been at a small chunk of it – to test out the honey&garlic, of course – and it’s DELISH. No more boxed H&G toppings for me, thanks.



Saw a Robin today… It looked happy. I declare spring.

Two ways you can preserve wildlife.


So much to do! (sleep included). Working on this great website design project (soon to be finished), have a great marketing plan for a white water rafting company on the go, studying up for meetings next month for the Economic Development Steering Committee, have to figure out a way to get into a government workshop next week, and leaving tomorrow evening for a 3 day conference in Stratford to build leadership skills amongst rural youth. I?m certain there are some assignments, midterms and presentations for my last term of school mixed in there somewhere too. Heh heh heh. Best to be busy though, because when my mind goes stagnant it thinks up more things to do or just stuff like this:
Then I waste(?) time having to put it all together to see how it looks. Luckily the last two things have been successful: 1. Finding a great sweater in a store but deciding it would be WAY better as a modern cardigan (with a zipper all the way down the front) bought the sweater, sewed on a 52cm polished steel zipper and cut open the sweater. [thanks for the pins Paula!] Turned out even better than I thought it would, and it?s almost the best piece in my wardrobe at the moment. 2. Thought up a print campaign that a non-profit group could run to promote wildlife preservation. (No time to post the whole campaign, but rest assured that it focuses on wildlife & not necessarily pro veggie — just fitting for the tuna/fish Ad [re: low stocks and farmed salmon]) Above is the second Ad in a series of five. Should my mind mellow for another five minutes some day on a walk home or Sunday drive, the print campaign may grow yet again.

Hedgehog not helping.


Today is International Women’s Day. Today I walked by the on-campus pub at Algonquin College. Ron Jeremy was there. Algonquin’s Student Association booked his appearance to raise money.



While melting some fresh cheese over my leftover pasta, I have decided there should be a new question added to the standard IQ test:

“What buttons do you press to turn on the microwave for one minute?”

For all I know, there may be more than two correct answers. I do know the short answer but for some reason (beyond my control) I’m always going the long route… …every time I hit “start” all I can think is damn, I did it again!

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