I’ve interrupted my regularly scheduled program (A.K.A. sleep) to finish up an interesting report for D.I.A.M.O.N.D.S.

It has to do with moving a municipality to actually act on its goals for “sustainability”. So I’m thinking to myself… wondering what would be a good name for the community’s Sustainable Development Advisory Committee. For some strange reason (probably something to do with lack of sleep or missing my evening snack) I think “The Commons of Sense” would be a GREAT name.

hahaha. I am certain that my mind will change when I re-read this post at 8am tomorrow; however, for the time being I think TCoS is just a grand idea. It incorporates the whole commonality/commoners/equality idea with “common sense”. Hum… under “commons” the dictionary spits out “The legal right of a person to use the lands or waters of another”. Yeah, I like it. The Commons of Sense!

They could be a diverse multi-stakeholder committee who would report to the municipal government on issues of sustainability. Report #1 from The Commons of Sense may be something like “If your township’s economy is structured such that it may crumble if your residents & business spend all of their money outside of the township, then perhaps it may not be a good idea to continuously spend your taxpayer’s money promoting your township’s proximity to large urban centers where your residents & businesses can go to spend all of their money.”