Loving my new job at the moment! I think I’?ve finally found one where my ideas and hard work actually makes a community better — or at least improve some of the stuff closer to the bottom of Maslow’?s hierarchy. Not that I wasn’t working on it before? ?it’s just that now I’m actually getting paid good money for it.

Not much time to blog. 7 delegates from 6 countries arrive in less than 8 hours and I have the BEST POST EVER brewing inside of my head just waiting to get out as soon as I find a digital camera and a sketchpad. Hopefully the “best post ever” will provide some perspective for this:

The third page of “TNS for Communities, How Cities and Towns can Change to Sustainable Practices” diagnosed my Weltschmerz.

“Many citizens and local officials still are not aware of the seriousness of what is happening at the global level or do not understand how this is directly related to the well-being of their own communities. Those who are aware often fell paralyzed and helpless in the face of seemingly overwhelming trends.”

We can talk about it more tonight, provided you’ll be at the games.