I heard Jeremy Rifkin (an American) speaking at Toronto’s Economic Club and he made a good point: The United States of America must update “the American Dream“. The dream worked well 200 years ago to motivate the hard work it took toclear and settle the land, but many are still chasing that same dream… working long hours, climbing the corporate ladder, and doing whatever it takes to “make it”. Europeans, on the other hand, are more concerned with quality of life.

Rifkin spoke of how European values (The European Dream) have positioned Europe to be much more successful than the USA in the 21st Century. Which of the following values do YOU feel are important? Which values do you feel are more closely aligned with the “American Dream”?

– Global co-operation over the unilateral use of power
– Community relationships over individual autonomy
– Cultural diversity over assimilation
– Quality of life over the accumulation of wealth
– Human rights over property rights & individualism