Lancaster Perch Rolls

darwin's nightmare
One day after watching a great documentary about the effects of globalization on Tanzania’s economy [Darwin’s Nightmare], I sat down at a river-side restaurant and was offered a dish of locally fished Lancaster Perch. Here is the story:

Yesterday’s activities have led me to believe that Cornwall’s people and governance lack common sense. (I somehow ended up in that town after a day of traveling around South Dundas and was determined to enjoy my evening and take full advantage of the clear sky and warm air). I did my best to cast aside my aversion towards the town since I can’t really say that I’ve had a bad time in Cornwall (no really great times either – just a few average nights out with friends – complete with conversations that degrade my view of Cornwall and its population).

With my jaded perception of the place aside, I decided that the weather and geography were perfect for spending an evening on a patio along the river. I could not think of anywhere that I have traveled (outside of Ontario, that is) that did not have restaurants or patios along their waterfront. It wasn’t until we drove along inspecting every square foot of waterfront that I was willing to accept that there were no patios or restaurants along the waterfront in Cornwall. What kind of city planning is that?

Determined that there must be some intelligent entrepreneurs that have had the same brainwave as me, we continued our trip along the waterfront determined to find a patio along the water. A few minutes later we ended up in Summerstown and found not one, but THREE restaurants with huge patios along the river. What’s more is that food was amazing! Had my first Lancaster Perch Roll and it certainly won’t be my last. The restaurants all buy from local anglers, smother the meat in a delicious sauce and serve it on a bun. I would feel a bit guilty eating them every day, but don’t see why they can’t be a tasty treat from time to time.