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Back to Business.


Hum, it seems like time allotment for Christmas gets shorter and shorter every year.

A few more days and it’ll back to the daily grind. Mostly my fault really… should have put family gift ideas in my head earlier in the year and saved the few days before Christmas relaxing and wrapping instead of fretting and shopping.

Yesterday afternoon was a bright, sunny day so Dad and I spent the afternoon cutting trees and splitting wood in the bush. It’s hard to believe that there’s still so much evidence of the ice storm.



We took the long road and drove it. For six hours. I don’t know how we could have possibly made the trip last that long (with only two stops) but we did. Along the way we ironed out a few details of a new business venture, listened to the new U2 and The Killers albums [repeatedly], and photographed much more road.

Arrived at the Graham’s early. Did you know that everyone in the Pontiac defines their house by the colour of their outdoor Christmas lights? It works better than we thought.

The party lasted well into the early hours of the morning. I doubt that Judson even realized he had been pumping out live music for over 5 hours straight! Ronda’s cooking was spectacular, as always, and the spread was unbelievable. Greg even made up some fresh breakfast with the morning’s harvest although it was probably only an attempt to get back on my good side after spending the night reminding me about how my tender feelings for a woman can be used against me in a game of 10lb quoits.



< read in the voice of Hunter S. Thomson >

I awoke in Piton.

But the adventure is just beginning. There are birthdays to celebrate. Birthdays of people who’s name start with the letter “J” both of whom are pretty damn cool. One’s on course to change the world. One already has (and almost caused havoc when his ceramic likeness could not be found in my Mother’s Christmas boxes…. …the rest of the clique was there, just not the kid)

Last night was just the beginning. Now it begins again. Back to the Car. Straight to Quebec, the Pontiac, the country side. More problems of the world will be discussed and solved this evening. Three great minds will re-unite as tradition dictates but this time with friends and family around. Personally, I don’t think the locals are ready for this. But they’ll enjoy it. They’ll learn something. They’ll probably survive. However, when the Maestro and the Sensei and the Capitan meet, something is bound to happen….

Buy the ticket. Take the ride.


Well, it’s done. I now have a blog.


So people like you can read it.

How this blog will benefit someone such as yourself, however, is another matter entirely.

But I suppose that’s the great thing about a public journal… I can just post stuff whenever I get the notion and if someone should want to read it that’s fine. However, the vision behind the madness is to take advantage of the “ease of posting” and create some dynamics to my current static web presence.

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